Printing Services

We offer exceptional quality print services, including flexographic and digital printing. We can handle all your product label requirements. We do thermal, digital, pressure sensitive product labels, wine labels, food labels, barcode labels, adhesive and removable labels. We provide high quality custom printing label services.

Digital printing

Digital label printing has a specific set of strengths that allows it to be a relevant tool in the label printing market. Short runs of high quality labels are ideal for this process due to its manufacture without the use of conventional printing plates and ink processes. Digital printing allows for economical short runs, efficient printing of variable imaging and visually appealing printed labels. Vitamin retailers, private label bottlers and cosmetic firms alike find benefits in the digital print process.

Digital printing enables us to print on a much wider variety of material. From polycarbonates, to metals, to glass and much more, our Digital Department provides a simple solution to your most exotic printing needs.

Flex Printing

The flexographic print process requires the use of a flexible relief plate that impresses an image onto nearly any substrate. Due to its significant press speed and precision, flexography allows for medium to long runs to be produced efficiently as well as economically.Flexo printing produces a commanding portion of the Consumer Packaged Goods, Candle, Pet Product and Food & Beverage labels sold by retailers today and has maintained its hold as one of the most common processes for product packaging. Its ability to match spot colors effectively has allowed it to be a leading tool for precise label production.

Preferred formats for Label print
  • Our preferred file format is Adobe Illustrator, however, we can also accept Adobe InDesign files.
  • Please do not set type or layout your label in Adobe Photoshop or other pixel based programs. Instead, set type and compose your artwork file in Adobe Illustrator. You can use .psd (Photoshop’s file format) for the background image. The artwork file should be in CMYK format and at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) at the intended label size plus .125″ (1/16th inch bleed) past the die line.
  • Always design label artwork in the CMYK.   RGB flat files CANNOT BE USED.
  • Always send Linked files with your label file. If you have an InDesign file, send all linked files and fonts. Where PostScript fonts have been used, include both printer and screen fonts. We recommend Sanserif fonts for small type (4.5 to 7 pt.)
  • Always provide .125″ – 1/16th inch bleed